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meet our team


ian keith

Farm General Manager

Have you ever wondered what happens when you cross an Earth-loving hippy from the city with a do-it-yourself countryman? The result: one hell of a weed farmer.

Splitting his time between Washington’s more populous West side and the rural farmland of the East, Ian’s upbringing was nonconventional yet well-rounded. His free-spirited Mother raised him on all-natural products and organic foods, exposing him to urban life and progressive activism. Time spent with his cattle rancher, alfalfa-farming Father in the country taught him ingenuity and showed the value of hard work.

Suddenly though, at just sixteen years old, Ian found himself on his deathbed – stumping doctors who continually posed failed solutions for his extreme case of pancreatitis. After finally seeking advice from a local naturopath, Ian was first introduced to cannabis: and his life was forever changed.


Ian will tell you that cannabis saved his life, so it is no surprise that the power of the plant became an immediate passion. A jack of all trades, he was able to support his growing family as a Harley mechanic, blowing glass and, dedicating every extra second to cultivating quality cannabis.


In 2015, the stars aligned. With the first break of the soil at Landrace Farms, Ian was finally able to make the jump head first into the cannabis space full time. When passion and profession align – magic happens. Ian spends each day living his dream, refining the art that is craft cannabis.

The only thing that Ian loves more than weed is his family which includes his three children: Morgan, Kaydin, and Lilian. Ian and his wife Crystela got married in true weed farmer fashion on April 20th. Outside of work he enjoys fishing, hunting, and being on the water.

more staff info coming soon

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