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our story

A pioneer of craft cannabis, The Craft Co-op has emerged as an industry leader for our commitment to organic, sustainable practices, setting the standard for natural cannabis farming in Washington.


Inspired by the extraordinary power of the cannabis plant, our devotion to providing top-notch nourishment begins before the first sprouts break the soil. Our dedication to excellence continues unrelentingly through each stage of the process where products are closely monitored with elevated quality expectations.

With three separate labels designed to appeal to specific segments of the market, The Craft Co-op offers a one-stop shop for dispensaries seeking to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Each brand’s price-point and personality are uniquely shaped, but the strict adherence to quality remains consistent throughout each product line.


our mission

Our mission at The Craft Co-op is to propagate appreciation for the natural power of cannabis while building a sustainable future for our industry, our people, and our planet.


it all begins on the farm...

Situated on the southwest corner of Canadian-bordered Osoyoos Lake, our plants thrive in the fertile, sun-drenched valley soil. The location creates a refreshing microclimate that offers refuge from drastic temperature changes and influences the distinctive, expressive terroir of our products.

Our operation exists to harness the naturally-occurring power of the cannabis plant. By owning each stage in the product lifecycle, we cultivate the single source difference that sets us apart from the competition. A team of passionate cannabis enthusiasts, our crew truly enjoys pursuing our mission each day.


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our farmers

As farmers, it’s our job to work in harmony with Mother Nature to facilitate an environment that allows plants to flourish to their full potential, an effort we’re committed to doing without the use of harsh chemicals and brutal pesticides.

Our team of experienced agriculturists are passionate about the work we do everyday, and it shows.

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farming methods

We use creative, all-natural farming methods to nurture, nourish and protect our cannabis, like introducing beneficial insects, using ground cover crops, and implementing care schedules in alignment with lunar rhythms.


Our products are ALWAYS free of harsh pesticides and chemical additives. We proudly use organic inputs, naturally sourced ingredients, and plant-based ferments made here at the farm.

all natural farming

Our inputs are naturally-derived, organic, and locally sourced with sustainability in mind. For light, we rely on the full spectrum of the sun to fuel the crops.


We operate by the light of the moon. Cloning, planting, pruning, and harvest are all done by the moon cycles whenever possible.


reducing waste

All of our post extraction material is sent back to the farm to be used in our composting and soil regiment.


Our commitment to growing outdoors under the sun reduces our energy use by up to 80% compared to other growing methods. Grass Valley cut the amount of plastics used in our packaging in half. We’re constantly looking for more ways to continue reducing our carbon footprint.


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